The World's First Unified Thought-Controlled and Micro-Gestural Framework

It's no secret that computers are getting smaller and smaller. Look no further than a typical smart phone to see how smaller, lighter and faster CPUs have changed our lives. Make no mistake, as integrated circuits and devices get smaller and lighter, we'll begin to wear them. Google Glass, Apple's iWatch and Samsung's Smartwatch are all examples of how everyday people will begin to wear their computers. Before you know it, we might become our computers by having integrated circuits implanted within our bodies. Sound far fetched? It's already happening today, mostly seen in specific medical applications.

As these devices shrink and find their way to our faces, wrists and possibly within our bodies, the need to control them without using a secondary device (or to control them without a secondary device in an inconspicuous manner) will become the primary focus of device manufacturers.

Allow us to suggest our solution: NAQI EARBUD and NAQI API

Our affordable technology suite enables software developers, device manufacturers as well as Operating System developers to create products and apps that can be controlled with highly complex or highly simple input, without forcing their users to touch the device (or be in the same country as their device) --- all in a completely private and inconspicuous manner.

Highly accurate, highly covert and completely universal. The future of computing is now.

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