Our Technology

Our affordable technology suite enables software developers, device manufacturers as well as Operating System developers to create products and apps that can be controlled with highly complex or highly simple input, without forcing their users to touch the device (or be in the same country as their device) — all in a completely private and inconspicuous manner.

Naqi Logics uses the same logic framework whether we’re developing a true thought-controlled application (EEG >> action/executable) or a micro-gestural application (micro movement >> action/executable).


Runes are two or more imagined directions assigned to any number of words, executions, procedures or functions. Think of a Rune as being a cognitive icon. Like icons, Runes can be assigned to any word, sentence, phrase, paragraph or any execution, command, procedure, function or macro. In the same way that a file folder icon can represent a virtual location with the OS, a Rune can also represent the location of a Plaque.


Plaques are locations that keep closely related Runes together. In many ways, a Plaque can be thought of as a cognitive file folder. Plaques are organized on the Z-Axis.


Crypts are the collection of all Plaques within the database. Crypts store all Runes and Plaques in the exact order determined by the user. ​